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Welcome to La Thalilia
COMING OVER TO OUR PLACE is an exciting journey. The road trip will be part of the adventure. While on the way, get your camera ready because of the heart-warming view of the sea. The mountainous areas will make you feel in touch with the beauty of nature. It’s really worth the long drive because when you feel the breeze of the sea, you will certainly enjoy.

Upon reaching the resort you can't help but say WOW… You will see our MULTI-PURPOSE HALL with an enticing bar with a wide range of drinks available. Adjacent to it is our air-conditioned SEMINAR HALL. These are both facing the 7’x 14’ SWIMMING POOL for adults which is 4 feet to 6 feet deep and a SWIMMING POOL FOR KIDS which is 3 feet in depth.

It’s not only that, because these are also facing the relaxing view of the sea which is so hard to resist swimming into because of its cold and very clear water.

You can further improve the fun by staying at the FLOATING COTTAGE. There is also a kayak that can be used to complete the experience.

The entire resort can accommodate a maximum of 500 people which makes it suited for all occasions such as family affairs (reunion, birthday, anniversary, baptism, etc.), company events, beach wedding and team building among others.

You will surely enjoy the air touching you. The interesting part is that the air comes from the sea and bounces back after touching the mountain. This is because the resort is at the foot of the mountain – it’s really a wow – wonderful creation!

Sit back and relax in the afternoon to witness the perfect sunset in a very wide perspective. See the attractive color of the sun while setting into its place. A view that will allow you to be stress-free.

There is also a WISHING WELL which is believed to be the only spring that remained to have water despite that all other springs in the area got dried.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and taste the promise of irresistible experience! Visit LA THALILIA BEACH RESORT.